In this reading, an overview of how the media affect the society is clearly shown. One of the ideas I found interesting is that the authors think that the relation of the media and the society is like the chicken and egg. There is no way that we can identify which comes first. I believed that the media had shaped our popular common sense nowadays and the popular common sense shaped the society nowadays.

In contemporary society, the media do have a huge influence to the society. The media influence us through showing us what the world is like. However, the media are owned, media is a business. Popularity is needed for the media to survive. Thus, sometimes the images and the knowledge that portrayed are not necessary true and can cause some wrong perception for the general public. In the reading, the acronym ‘CRASH’ was mentioned. I believed the media definitely played an important role on the social view for ‘CRASH’. The discrimination for ‘CRASH’ had long been existed in the society. But with the help of the media, the advertisement the positive image shown on the media, the discrimination is for sure improving.

Another thing I found that interesting is the question that O’Shaughnessy raised, ‘Do the media reflect or affect the world?’ This is a tough question. The author examined both models. For the reflection of society, an example of the Melbourne club was used for showing that media hype up the significance of events. Also, Christmas, Mother’s Day was the examples for how the media construct and shape out actions. It is strange for me as I think that this should both the effect of the world and the reflection of the world.

In addition, through the case study of the cigarettes and smoking in film and television, I believe that the image that was portrayed on the media can definitely have a huge impact for the society. It was common that smoking is portrayed as a cool image. Although it is widely known that smoking is bad for health, still many young people continue to take up smoking due to the media image. I do believe that a censorship is needed for nowadays as almost all of our information was obtained from the media. But just the standard for the censorship would be difficult to defined.