Wesley Ching


(i) Use of Newspaper/radio news/tv news

For my main source of news nowadays are basically from Yahoo News, that’s actually my homepage, thus, i will click on the news everytime when I see something new shown up. When uni starts, i do start to read newspaper, the Australian or Daily Telegraphy as i have subscribed those newspaper for the whole semester. However, I just read the first two page of the newspaper as I usually find that those are the important news. For TV news, I would say at least twice a week as usually the night news come up right after the reality shows or dramas.

(ii) Language Tools

Electronic dictionary is definitely a must for me as English is my second language, I must use a electronic dictionary to read newspaper and any academic reading …

(iii) Deadlines…..

I must admit that I am a last minute person. I usually start to do a thing in the very last minute. I am trying to do things way earlier this semester. Nevertheless, I do think that having a deadline is essential as deadlines would be a huge motivation for doing anything.